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3 Life Roles to Dominate Everything

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• Wise Words
• The Race
• Own It, Coach It, Play It

Wise Words.

“Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them.”

James Baldwin

The Race.

Own It, Coach It, Play It.

The world of professional sports is tough, where strategy often outweighs talent.

Life is a lot like that, too.

The stakes?

Your happiness, your career, and your future.

The roles of owner, coach, and player are not just team positions.

They're the roles you need to master to excel in life.

Whether you're aiming to make power moves in your career, improve things at home with your wife and kids, or hit some audacious goals, understanding these roles is key.

The Owner: The Visionary

"You don't just build a team or a franchise by hoping for the best. You build it by planning for success at every level, investing in the right people and making tough decisions."

Robert Kraft - Owner, New England Patriots

Think of managing your life like a top sports team owner manages their franchise.

This role isn’t easy.

It requires courage and a crystal clear vision.

You’re not just going through the motions. You’re building something great.

Creating Your Vision: What does your perfect scenario look like? Wealth? Social impact? Having a family life you love? Define what success means to you. Historical leaders like Julius Caesar didn’t just find themselves in power. They grabbed it purposefully.

Smart Investments: Every bit of effort, every minute of your time, and every relationship you build contributes to your success. Mess this up, and you won’t see the results you hope for. Manage your resources wisely because in this game you are the bank.

Learning from the Best: Look up to the greats—not just modern CEOs but also powerful figures from history who have made a lasting impact. Aim high, work hard, and set goals to become one of the greats yourself.

Check Yourself Regularly: Stay on top of your game by regularly checking in with yourself or your “board of directors.” Are you making progress toward your goals? If not, it’s time to change your approach.

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