5 Books Every Man Must Read

Books that question your views and shake up your world provide the biggest breakthroughs.

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  • 📚 5 Books Every Man Must Read

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📚 5 Books Every Man Must Read

Books worth reading don't just entertain you, they push you to the edge.

They challenge you to stretch outside of your comfort zone.

In this day and age, you might find yourself stiff-arming certain books because you can't get on board with a few points they make.

But that would be a major mistake.

Books that question your views and shake up your world provide the biggest breakthroughs.

Here are five books that every man absolutely needs to read:

This is a bold, insightful book that explores the intersection of masculinity and spirituality, challenging modern conventions about what it means to be a man.

Deida invites men to embrace their masculine core, navigating through love, purpose, and authenticity.

5 Wishes by Gay Hendricks

This book presents a powerful visualization exercise that prompts you to imagine your life's best outcomes.

The simple yet profound process unlocks the power of intention and the potential for achieving what you most want.

The Way of Men by Jack Donovan

This book digs into the important roots of masculinity, invoking primal and tribal ideas of what it means to be a man.

It unpacks the rugged, raw, and real aspects of manliness, exploring themes of strength, courage, mastery, and honor while examining the primal instincts that drive men.

Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield

This book explores the pivotal moment when you decide to shift from being an amateur to becoming a real professional.

Pressfield breaks down the difference between a hobbyist and a professional, urging readers to turn pro and make their art their life.

The 7 Seasons of A Man’s Life by Patrick M. Morley

This book guides men through the various stages of their life journey.

Morley provides invaluable insights into the challenges and opportunities that come with each season, from youth to old age while offering a roadmap to understand and navigate manhood.

Bonus Books

No More Mr Nice Guy by Dr. Robert A Glover

This book breaks down how men can stop seeking approval and start getting what they want in life. It shares tools to help men ensure their needs are met and how to: express emotions; have a satisfying sex life; embrace masculinity; form meaningful relationships with men; and to live up to their creative potential.

Falling Upward by Richard Rohr

This book takes you on a spiritual journey through the two halves of life. Rohr posits that our most meaningful lessons and spiritual growth come from difficult times in life, leading us to a deeper understanding of our purpose.

The Last Arrow by Erwin McManus

This book is a powerful call to live a life without regrets. McManus uses the story of the biblical figure Elijah to inspire readers to not hold back, to live passionately, and to leave nothing undone.

Of Boys and Men by Richard Reeves

This incredible read delves into the complex world of male identity in the 21st century. Reeves thoroughly examines the challenges boys and men face in today's society, from educational achievement gaps to issues of mental health and masculinity.

📘 It’s Always With You

“Once you have read a book you care about, some part of it is always with you.”

Louis L’Amour

🪒 The Luck Razor

Source: George Mack

⚡ Man Morning Reflection

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