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Wise Words.

“As you get older you either become your worst self or your best self.”

Steve Martin

I See You (Thank You).

Boldness Doesn’t Age.

Age comes at you fast.

It brings family, bills, wants, needs.

Everyone's got something they need from you.

And somewhere along the way, you start to forget.

How to grab life by the collar.

How to make a leap without looking.

It once was easy. Second nature.

But today?

Now they tell you it's time to be "responsible."

To play it safe.

That's what growing up is.

But here's the thing.

They're wrong.

Life's ticking by. Right this minute.

And waiting around for everything to line up just right?

That's not living.

Got kids?

Show them what it means to really live.

To chase down adventure like it's going out of style.

That's the best lesson you could ever teach them.

Think back. You at 15.

Would that kid be proud of who you've become?

Or would they wonder what happened? When did you started playing it so damn safe?

Growing older doesn't mean you've got to put away the things that make your heart race.

You've got to keep reaching for the new.

The unknown.

That's where the magic is.

Let's not make age the reason we stop.

Let's make it the reason we go harder.

Get This.

I first came across ‘Born Standing Up’ in 2007, during a significant time in my life. I began reading it on a flight from NYC to Cairo and was instantly hooked (and laughed nonstop).

My interest was rekindled after watching a documentary on Apple TV+ about Steve Martin's incredible life and career.

Here’s something remarkable:

At his peak, Martin was the world's top comedian. He sold out arenas like a rock star.

Yet, he walked away from it all to embark on a new journey and reinvent himself.

Letting go of the good in pursuit of greatness is a bold step, especially when everyone around you believes you’re at the top.

Martin's decision, though it came with some bumpy roads, was pivotal. It's unlikely I’d be writing this if he didn’t take that courageous leap. I'm grateful he did.

Read. Listen. Watch.

An underrated secret to success. How to become younger (according to a biohacking expert). Amazing listen on what it’s like to negotiate with Jeff Bezos (and why you should make decisions based on this instead of goals). The difference between coaching and consulting. Three essential exercises every man over 40 needs. The strange truth about neanderthal sex lives.

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