Give It A Chance To Be Great

Greatness Lies Just Beyond Where People Give Up

When you upgrade something too much, it can lose the magic that made you fall in love with it.

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• Wise Words
• What Could Happen?
• Give It A Chance
• Read This
• Read. Listen. Watch.

Wise Words.

“A genius is the man who can do the average thing when everyone else around him is losing his mind.”


What Could Happen?

Give It A Chance.

We all want quick results and immediate success.

And, the best things in life take a combination of time, effort, and patience.

When things get tough, it’s easy to think about giving up.

But these tough times aren't signs to quit.

They're chances to grow.

They test our determination and teach us resilience.

Setbacks and failures are simply valuable lessons, not the end of the journey.

Each one teaches you something and brings you closer to success.

Greatness often lies just beyond where most people give up.

It’s achieved by facing challenges and pushing through them.

Believe in your mission.

Stay committed.

And give it the time it needs to be great.

Read This.

In The Psychology of Money, Morgan Housel explores how people think about and react to money.

It's not just a book about finance. It's about understanding the behaviors and attitudes that shape our financial decisions.

Housel combines stories and insights to explain that financial success is less about intelligence and more about your behavior.

Read. Listen. Watch.

How to reclaim your energy (watch or listen). Become a morning person. Secrets of people who live the longest. Heart zones explained. Is your pee the right color? Get strong with the 6-12-25 workout. What the loop is for on the your shirts.

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  • How to kick yourself into gear when you’re lazy

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