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This seems like a great time to reintroduce myself and tell you why I started Man Morning.

The internet will tell you that I’m Antonio Neves. I’m the author of the international best-selling book Stop Living on Autopilot, a global leadership speaker, award-winning journalist (NBC, PBS, MTV Networks, etc.), and I have a 10+ year track record of coaching men to successfully navigate life and career transitions.

What the internet won’t tell you is that I’m a husband and father to twins. I live next to the beach in Los Angeles but rarely get in the ocean. I grew up near a NASCAR speedway in Michigan. After my freshman year of college I worked second shift in a hot factory all summer. I moved to New York City with less than $1,000 in my bank account with dreams of breaking in the television industry (my big break happened 3 years after arriving). I like to build miniature model Japanese houses. And, I talk about what men rarely say out loud.

Man Morning started almost 10 years ago in Los Angeles.

Every Thursday morning at 7 AM, a group of busy guys would meet for an hour-long hike.

We intentionally met at 7 AM for a hike instead of at 7 PM at a bar.

We found that our conversations over coffee were different than the ones they had over cocktails.

It was a perfect and empowering way to start their day.

We came from different backgrounds, ages, and professions. Some were married, some were single. Some had kids, others didn’t. Some ran their own businesses, others worked for companies.

For an hour, we would switch our phones to airplane mode and hike.

We discussed everything from relationships to business to personal finances and what was really going on in their lives. No topic was off-limits.

During the weekly hikes, we:

  • Shared what they were celebrating and navigating

  • Encouraged one another

  • Provided feedback on ideas

  • Held each other accountable

  • Called each other up (instead of out)

  • Pushed each other to be the best versions of themselves

In short, we made each other better.

Since Man Morning was founded, we:

  • Became happier and more fulfilled

  • Made more money and increased their business acumen and network

  • Experienced a greater sense of community

  • Improved personal relationships (marriage, partnerships, and parenting.)

  • Traveled together across the world and hosted retreats

  • Got in great physical shape

  • And more

Almost 10 years later, Man Morning is still going strong in Los Angeles with chapters all across the country.

My challenge to you:

Join, or start your own weekly Man Morning group.

It’s nothing short of life-changing.

Got any questions? Respond do this email and ask. I respond to all emails.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming…

Wise Words.

“Happiness is continuing to desire what you already possess.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

Look Forward.

Look at your calendar. Make sure something is on it.

If not, put something on it.

Not On My Watch.

In Darius Rucker’s fantastic memoir ‘Life’s Too Short,’ he tells a story of almost drowning in Hawaii.

He got caught in a powerful riptide.

Things get bad.

He thinks he’s going die.

Things get so bad that he tells his friend the actor Woody Harrelson who’s trying to save him to instead save himself.

“There’s no reason for both of us to die right here,” Rucker tells Harrelson.

Harrelson responds:

“Die? Shit. Not on my watch.”

They both survive.

Whatever challenges you’re experiencing today, if you want to give up, today is not the day.

Not on my watch.

Read This.

In Life’s Too Short, Darius Rucker, the Grammy-winning artist and country music star from Hootie & The Blowfish, shares his remarkable journey.

Starting from a humble upbringing in Charleston, South Carolina, he rose to global fame, and he now tells the real story behind his success.

Learn about the drugs, pain, and crazy times on the road, as well as the many challenges he faced.

Darius’s story is more than just his hit songs. It’s a testament to resilience and perseverance.

Read. Listen. Watch.

You need a tennis partner. How to avoid being the worst version of yourself. Just here trying to figure out… Improve your hand eye coordination. How a ship bottle is made. The two giant blobs deep within the earth. Remote job red flags.

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That’s it.

Forward to a friend.

I see you and appreciate you. You’re doing great. Keep it up.

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