Man Morning #12 - Open apps

Identifying essential apps, an important assignment, and how to get excited about the journey.

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Jim Collins, author of one of the top business books of all time, Good to Great, is quoted as saying:

“If you have more than three priorities then you don’t have any.”

The question begs - how many priorities do you currently have in your life?

In a day and age of everyone claiming to be “crazy busy,” the simple truth is:

People aren’t crazy busy. They’re simply distracted and lack focus.

How Many Apps Do You Have Open?

A quick way to identify your priorities is to look at your life like a computer operating system and ask this question:

“How many “apps” do I have open in my life?”

“Apps” could be jobs, hobbies, special projects, kids, your daily workout, friends, side hustles, caregiving for an elderly parent, volunteer obligations, time with the guys, and so forth.

Just like with a computer or smartphone, when you have too many apps open, your life operating speed starts to slow down.

Important “apps” start to freeze and progress comes to a screeching halt.

This is because other apps (sometimes ones running behind the scenes without our active knowledge) that aren’t as important drain our precious energy.

Worst case scenario, when too many apps are open, it can lead to a crash.

When you try to do everything, most times you end up accomplishing very little.

The opportunity you have is to first identify your essential apps and keep them open.

Then identify your non-essential apps and close or minimize them for the time being. If they’re important and necessary, you’ll know in due time.

Once you do this, you’ll have more energy, focus, and clarity.

A powerful question to protect your most precious assets - your time and energy - is:

“What am I willing to give up in order to live the life that I want?”

Some things really do matter more than others.

Knowing the difference between what does and doesn’t matter is a game changer.


Grab a piece of paper, open a new Google doc, or begin a new Note on your smartphone.

Write down all of the current open “apps” in your life.

One by one, review all the open apps and ask which are:

✅ Essential and must stay open

🚫 Non-essential and can be closed

🔜 Minimized for another season


"Until you have clarity on what matters most, it's difficult to get excited about the journey that lies ahead because prioritizing becomes impossible."

Simon Alexander Ong, Energize

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