Man Morning #4 - What shows up when you show up?

Make things better, change the moment, and words to ponder.

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In today’s issue:

  • ⚡ What shows up when you show up?

  • Question to answer

  • 💬 Words to ponder


We all know that person who shows up to a business meeting, a party, at home, or some other event and things tend to get worse.

Any progress that was happening immediately stops. Connection, fun and smiles are replaced with people not making eye contact and frowns. This person asks questions like, “Why did you do it that way?

We also know that person who shows up to a business meeting, party, at home, or something else and things get better.

When this person shows up, progress and momentum continue. Creativity, connection, and fun explodes. Encouraging words like, “That’s a great idea. Tell me more about it,” can be heard. This person makes you feel tall, smart, and like you matter.

A question:

What shows up when you show up? Do things get better? Or do they get worse?

When you show up to a business meeting, do things progress or stall?

When you show up to meet friends, do you regularly play devil’s advocate or encourage them?

When you arrive home to your family at the end of the day, are they happy to see you. Or are they on pins and needles not knowing what kind of mood you’ll be in?

Your mission as a man is simple - make things better.

This requires:

  • Showing up with intention

  • Being a problem solver instead of a problem creator

  • Committing to being the best version of yourself in each moment

Is this always easy? Nope. But is it worth it? 100%.

When in doubt, be the kind of person that people say, “I wish [enter your name] was here.”


What’s one thing you can do today to make things better in an area of your life that matters most?

This could be with your significant other, kids, career, friends, or something else that’s truly important to you.

As author and adventurer Bassam Tarazi once said, “Don’t change the world, change the moment.”


“If we’re not actively making things better, chances are we’re making them worse.”

William Westney

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