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Wise Words
7 AM Conversations
• Invisible Wins
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The 1-Day Planner

Last issue I told you about The Man Morning 1-Day Planner.

The feedback has been phenomenal!

Thank you to everyone who has purchased it.

Some of the consistent themes I’m hearing:

  • Thank you for starting the schedule at 4 AM!

  • The “1 Thing” to complete today keeps me focused.

  • Because of my “Big 3” I now know what to delegate.

  • Crushing my “Top 5” keeps me energized!

  • And more!

Make having a great day simplex.

Wise Words

“If you are irritated by every rub, how will your mirror be polished?”


7 AM Conversations

I want to hear from you.

The best conversations with the guys happen:

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Invisible Wins

Have you ever considered that some of your dreams have already come true?

Often, we're so focused on the road ahead that we forget to appreciate how far we've come.

It's important to recognize the milestones you've already hit.

This reflection isn't about complacency.

Instead, it's about acknowledging your growth, effort and progress.

The truth is you've achieved more than you probably give yourself credit for.

Whether it's a great career, a loving family, strong body, impressive investments, fantastic kids, or your personal growth, these are real deal victories.

Let me be clear.

I’m not inviting you to stop striving for more.

Rather, it's a reminder to be grateful for today, while still getting after what want to achieve.

We’re talking about the balance of appreciation and ambition.

Celebrating your wins (big or small) shifts your perspective.

Instead of viewing your journey as a never-ending uphill climb, you start to see the path you've already conquered.

This mindset shift alleviates feelings of inadequacy, imposter syndrome, or past failures.

It reminds you that success isn't a destination, it's a process.

Life, joy, and fulfillment become "enough" when you decide they are.

Take a moment today.

Look back at where you started and where you are now.

Appreciate the mountains you've climbed and the rivers you've crossed.

Then, set your sights on the next horizon.

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0° Man Morning

Some Man Morning men from the Argent Alpha community in Minnesota getting in a morning walk in 0° temps. Looking good fellas!

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