To Marry or Not to Marry: A Dilemma for Successful Men

Marriage and High Divorce Rates - Exploring the Rewards and Risks

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💔 Is Marriage Worth It?

Marriage - the ultimate make-or-break decision for a man's future.

This crucial choice not only influences a man's happiness but can also determine his financial success.

But with ridiculous divorce rates, is tying the knot still worth it for successful men?

It’s often said that a supportive spouse can unlock a man’s full potential, propelling him towards unparalleled success.

In fact, researchers from Carnegie Mellon University discovered that men with supportive spouses are more likely to seize opportunities and excel in their chosen fields.

Another study from Washington University in St. Louis revealed that a conscientious spouse can significantly boost a man's earnings.

Legendary investor Warren Buffet urges men to marry the right person.

He emphasizes that this decision impacts aspirations and every aspect of man's life.

Yet, despite such wisdom, 40 to 50% of first marriages in America end in divorce. Second marriages face even higher rates.

In light of these eye-opening statistics, what incentives remain for successful men to marry in 2023?

Proponents of marriage argue that it is a gateway to building wealth and achieving middle-class status.

Numerous studies highlight the positive influence of two-parent households on children's well-being.

Kids from intact families enjoy up to 35% better physical health than those from "broken" homes.

Marriage advocates say nuptials can foster deep connections, combat loneliness, and lay the foundation for a lasting legacy through children, ultimately bringing peace and fulfillment.

Then, after considering both sides of the argument, what does a man do when he discovers this intriguing information about how lottery-winning men and women behave differently?

“When men win the lottery, they become a lot likelier than demographically similar lottery losers to get married, and have more children.

But when women win the lottery, the only big change in their behavior is divorce: Divorce rates for women double.

Men seem to use their newfound resources to build families, while women use them to exit families.”

Given the potential benefits and the sobering reality of high divorce rates, the choice between getting married or not is a complex one.

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Should a man get married or not?

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⚔️ The Ultimate Rebellion

"Personal excellence is the ultimate rebellion.”

Andy Frisella

👹 Torture You’re Comfortable With

“Your blessing in life is when you find the torture you’re comfortable with. That’s marriage. It’s kids. It’s work. It’s exercise. It’s not eating the food you want to eat. Find the torture you’re comfortable with and you’ll do well.”

🌐 Smarter, Stronger, Healthier, & Wiser

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