Life: Choose Your Own Adventure

An Important Lesson About Discipline

Don’t wait until you’re hungry to plant seeds.

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• A Good Day
• Wise Words
• Eulogy Exercise (Remix)
• Choose Your Own Adventure
• Get This
• Read. Listen. Watch.

A Good Day.

The recipe to have a good day, maybe even a great one.

Identify the most important thing to complete for the day.

Identify your top 3 priorities for the day (“If you have more than three priorities, you don't have any.” - Jim Collins)


Connect with someone (hear their voice).

Have no technology breaks.

Learn something from a book, podcast, audiobook, etc.

Finish something.

The easiest way to track this and make it happen is with The Man Morning 1-Day Planner.

The current version of the planner at this low price point is going away soon to make way for a new system to help men get better one day at a time.

Wise Words.

“Don’t change the world, change the moment.”

Eulogy Exercise (Remix).

Choose Your Own Adventure.

“If they’re not good for you, why do they sell them?”

This was my second grade son’s question after I told him we were switching up his daily vitamin.

The dentist let us know the gummy ones aren’t good for his teeth.

I explained that there are a lot of things in the world that are not good for you like certain people, substances, food, places, media, etc.

“Not choosing to use or do those things is called discipline,” I said.

“So life is kind of like a choose your own adventure?” he asked.


Proud parent moment.

Life is like a choose your own adventure.

You get to choose.

Get This.

Step into the lives of more than 150 legendary creators where the world's most influential minds - from Kafka and Picasso to Darwin and Sartre - reveal the unique daily routines that fueled their creativity.

This book offers a look at how these figures transformed everyday habits into pathways for extraordinary achievements. Learn the secrets of their “success” and perhaps spark your own creative genius.

Read. Listen. Watch.

How to pursue your dreams without risking it all. The division and tribal behavior that permeates the USA. What you can learn from camels. Why men don’t give each other birthday gifts (should we?). Running for weight loss. Get your guns (aka biceps) ready for the summer. Getting enough protein?

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