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Driving Your Life, Not Coasting It

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Wise Words.

“The time to reflect on your investing methods is when you are most successful, not when you are making the most mistakes.”

Sir John Templeton

3 Questions.

The Italian Tune-Up.

Prior to technological advances... way to restore engine performance in sports cars was to drive them at high speeds.

The thinking was that driving the car at a high load would burn off carbon deposits from the spark plugs.

This would help the car run at peak performance.

Italian mechanics came up with this approach in the 1950s and they called it the “Italian tune-up.”

Now ... imagine you owned a fine piece of Italian engineering like a Ferrari 296 GTB.

This car easily exceeds 200 miles per hour.

Now take it a step further and visualize driving that 8-speed dual-clutch masterpiece at only 35-miles-per-hour.

People would look at you like you were crazy while Pontiac Vibes and Chevy Bolts passed you by on the freeway.

Ferraris aren’t built for driving 35 mph.

They’re built for speed.

They’re at their best when shifting gears.

So are you.

You aren’t built for a “35 mph” lifestyle.

You aren’t here to coast with your work, your relationships, your health, or with pursuing your goals.

You’re here to shift gears to see what you’re capable of.

It’s hard to win when you’re living a 35-mph life with one foot always on the brakes.

The stakes are simply too high.

It’s time to go full throttle.

Get This.

When the kids want to roast marshmallows … but it’s too warm to light up the fireplace, I pull out this bad boy. This “mini fire pit” is great for the backyard and easy to light and put out. The kids love it and so do I.

Read. Listen. Watch.

Having this is an indicator of healthy lifespan. A restored ancient Roman helmet. How to dress when you hit 40. My wife would never let me do that. The richest Americans have worked less since 2019. Do these tests to find out if you fit for your age.

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