Working From Home Is Ruining Men's Lives

The Real Reason You're In A Funk

Nobody applauds you for staying in great shape. But they'll clap for you when you get in good shape. This is a great reminder to do it for you, not for the applause.

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Wise Words.

“Instead of doing what you’re good at and hoping they are profitable, you should get good at profitable things.”

Nick Huber

AI Prompts.

Stop WFH.

Working from home is ruining your life.

In my coaching practice where I help men successfully start new chapters in their lives without putting their family at risk, I’ve seen an alarming trend over the past few years with my clients.

Men who work from home have three things in common.

They feel like they’re in a funk, stuck, and on autopilot. This is wrecking their mental health.

They’re out of shape and not eating well.

They isolate themselves and spend way too much time alone.

What’s fascinating is that from the outside, these men look like they’re living the American Dream.

They have a "good" job, a nice home, and a family.

But behind the "I’m fine" mask, they’re struggling more than you know.

Here’s the truth: Working from home costs you a lot.

You might look successful to the world, but inside, you're falling apart.

It’s time to face reality and make some changes.

Here’s a few things you can do to start to turn things around:

1. Get out of your house.

Working from home kills your sense of purpose. You don’t shower as much, and you lose your drive. If you don’t have an office to go to, hit up a co-working space, a coffee shop, or organize a work session with other work-from-home dads.

2. Stop trying to stay in shape all by yourself.

That home gym is collecting dust. Sure, you can work out at home, but are you really doing it? Join a class or two each week. Work out with buddies or a trainer. Join a run club. You'll push harder and connect with others.

3. Stop spending so much time alone.

Get out and see people in real life. Teams and Zoom don’t cut it. Thumb swiping on social media isn’t a conversation. Schedule something weekly where you meet up with the guys. A Man Morning walk, a workout, or a social event. Yes, even if it starts after 7 PM.

Key Takeaway: Get Out Of The House

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I regularly put it up in backyard as an extra space for our kiddos to play in and “camp.”

The size is great (14' x 9') and it’s easy to put up on my own.

One of the best purchases I’ve made.

Read. Listen. Watch.

Why self-control isn’t enough. This test reveals a lot about longevity. 10 most affordable cities in Europe to visit. The 20 best high-protein, low-fat foods. Why it’s called an elevator pitch. The timing will never be perfect so make it perfect.

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