The 1-Day Planner

Having a great, productive day should be simple.

Most men use daily planners to help them design a great day.

Unfortunately, most planners fall short.

They’re too broad, and lack precision and intention.

In short, they don’t help you win the day.

When you win the day, it creates momentum.

Stack these won days on top of each other and it leads to a great week, month, quarter and beyond.

As a leadership and development expert, over the years I’ve tested countless planners.

Some were decent, some were horrible, and most were overpriced.

I saw a need for something more. Something that I would use every day.

I couldn’t find it.

So I created it.

I'm thrilled to introduce The Man Morning 1-Day Planner.

It’s designed based on extensive research, over a decade of coaching, and rigorous testing.

How To Use It

Intentionally Analog

The Man Morning 1-Day Planner is intentionally designed to be analog in a digital world.

Something magic happens in the brain when you put pen to paper that can’t be replicated on a screen.


Unlike most planners, The Man Morning 1-Day Planner begins at 4 AM.

This isn’t because you have to wake up at 4 AM.

It’s to remind you of the time available to you if you choose to use it.

As a husband, father of twins, and professional, I’ve found the only way to “add” time to my day is by getting up earlier (which is accomplished by going to bed earlier).

The 1 Thing To Complete

Here, you identify the single most important priority for the day.

It’s the one thing, personally or professionally, that if nothing else is accomplished, this will allow you to call the day a success.

This approach is transformational and sets a clear intention, deliverable and focus for your day.

If you don’t know what’s most important, everything looks urgent.

Today’s Big 3

"If you have more than three priorities, then you don't have any."

This powerful quote is attributed to Jim Collins, the author of arguably the best business book of all time, ‘Good to Great.’

Your daily "Big 3" are your main objectives that drive results and progress.

They lead to the best results, leverage, revenue, or whatever key indicator you decide.

Remember, your “1 Thing To Complete Today” is part of this trio.

To Do

The to do section is deliberately limited to 5 items

Why? Because constraints lead to focus.

When you don’t do this, the same unaccomplished tasks show up on your “to do” list over and over again without getting done.

Top 5 Daily Actions

In over 10 years of coaching, and backed by positive psychology, I’ve learned that if you do these 5 key things every day, odds are you’ll have a good day, maybe even a great day.

They are simple yet profoundly effective.

  • Sweat: Get some type of workout in.

  • Connect: Catch up with a friend, family member, or colleague. This is a real-time conversation where you hear their voice.

  • Grow: Learn something new. Do this by listening to a podcast or audiobook on your commute or during your workout, reading a book or newsletter, learning something on YouTube, taking an online course, etc.

  • No Tech: Unplug to recharge. At minimum, give yourself 15 minutes without any technology, notifications, or audio in your ear. You can go for a walk in nature, meditate, journal, etc. Just no tech.

  • Finish: Make meaningful progress on something personal or professional. It could be finishing a draft of a sales proposal, pressing publish on a blog post, organizing the closet, washing the car, or booking a reservation for date night.

When you complete one of the “Top 5,” you simply check it as done.

Will you do all five of these every day? That’s the plan.

And if you don’t, doing as many as possible won’t hurt you.

Bonus: When you use your time wisely, you can probably finish four out of five before the sun comes up.

Today’s Wins (Big or Small)

Every day, we experience professional and personal wins. Unfortunately, we rarely document them.

At the end of your day, take a couple of moments to jot down three daily victories, no matter their size.

This practice helps you recognize and appreciate your progress.

Get Your Man Morning 1-Day Planner

You can purchase the PDF of The 1 Day Planner for .99 cents.

Why am I charging almost a whole dollar for this (and unlimited prints on your end)?


If you don’t have skin in the game, even just .99 cents worth of skin, you won’t commit to using something that can improve your life.

The minimal investment ensures your dedication.

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