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How One Man Overcame His Secret Smoking Habit

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🚬 Confessions Of A Secret Smoker

I was once a secret smoker.

Camel Crush Menthol cigarettes, to be exact.

At the time, the internet depicted me as living my best life as a speaker, author, and coach.

But behind the scenes, I was stressed to the max.

My responsibilities as a new dad, husband, and business owner were getting the best of me.

On top of that, my dad was diagnosed with dementia and could no longer care for himself.

Life seemed to be caving in.

I spent my nights trying to drown my worries with Netflix, too much food, and booze.

I put on 30 lbs and even grew a big beard to hide my weight gain (it didn't work).

I even began avoiding family and friends (this was before the original Man Morning community started).

The stress was so intense that I had to go to the hospital for cardiac MRIs and wore a heart monitor.

Instead of asking for help, I started smoking cigarettes in secret.

During the day, I'd sneak off to various Los Angeles alleys and put on a bright green gardening glove to smoke so my wife wouldn’t smell the smoke on my hands.

One day, a homeless man approached me while I was smoking and asked for a cigarette.

We started talking, as smokers do.

But when he noticed the bright green gardening glove and asked why I was wearing it, I told him.

His reaction was as if I'd committed a crime.

Then he said seven words I'll never forget:

"You gotta figure that shit out, man."

And then, he walked away.

He was right, and his words hit hard.

I knew I needed to make changes and course correct.

I realized my dreams had an expiration date if I didn't act on them, and that I owed it to myself and my family to do better.

That was the moment I started to get back on track.

Can you relate?

Many men, perhaps you or men you know, have stories like mine — outward success masking internal struggle.

Maybe even some secret habits that not even those closest to you know about.

The good news is that no matter where you stand today, your story isn’t over.

However, you must remember three important things:

  1. No one owes you anything but you owe yourself everything.

  2. No one can care more about your life than you do.

  3. A new chapter can begin whenever you choose.

And don’t do it alone. Find your tribe.

As for the bright green gardening glove and those Camel Crush Menthol cigarettes…

I haven't had a smoke in years.

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🎖️ A Man’s Worth

"A man's worth is no greater than his ambitions."

Marcus Aurelius

⏳ How Much Time?

🌐 Smarter, Stronger & Wiser

⚡ Man Morning Reflection

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Life doesn’t get easy until you do something hard.

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