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The Best Of 2023

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Wise Words

“If there's fire inside you, with nowhere to go, it burns you alive.”

- Zach Pogrob

The Best Of 2023

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Key Takeaway: Real generational wealth is not about bank balances and what we leave for people. It's what we leave in them. Read more.

Key Takeaway: Books that question your views and shake up your world provide the biggest breakthroughs. Read more.

Key Takeaway: Sometimes the things we are most ashamed of are actually the stories we need to embrace most. Read more.

Key Takeaway: Living to 100 isn't a triumph if the last 30 years are filled with sickness, pain, and disability. Read more.

Key Takeaway: What you do when no one is watching will determine your success or failure in life. Read more.

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