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Get What You Want

To get what you want, you have to deserve what you want. The world is not yet a crazy enough place to reward a whole bunch of undeserving people.

Charlie Munger

💍 Make Sure She’d Marry You Again

Would she still say “I do”?

It's a powerful question for any husband, no matter how many years you've been married.

Ensuring your wife would marry you again isn't just about remembering anniversaries or the occasional romantic gesture.

It's about recommitting to being the man she chose to spend her life with, every single day.

Here’s how to ensure she’d say “I do” over and over again.

Keep the Spark Alive

When you first started dating, every moment was an opportunity to learn more about her - her dreams, her fears, her joys.

It's essential to maintain that level of interest and curiosity.

Listen to her with the same eagerness as you did on day one.

Be romantic, not out of obligation, but because her smile is still your favorite thing in the world.

The Power Of Your Body

Your physical well-being is a gift not just to yourself, but to her as well.

Eat food that fuels you.

Commit to a workout routine that keeps you strong and energized.

Remember, being in your best shape isn't just about looks.

It's about having standards, and being there for her for years to come.

Find Your Allies

Surround yourself with Man Morning men who encourage you, challenge you, hold you accountable, and push you to be your best.

The company you keep outside your marriage can significantly influence the husband you are within it.

A strong, supportive brotherhood is a competitive advantage when it comes to inspiration and wisdom.

Exceed Expectations

Do more than is expected of you without expecting a pat on the back.

Strive to overdeliver in your career, in your passions, and at home.

Your commitment to excellence sets a tone of reliability and ambition that is both inspiring and comforting to her.

Seek To Understand

Kindness, patience, and compassion are not just virtues but necessities in a lasting marriage.

Seek to understand before being understood.

Give her the benefit of the doubt.

These qualities create a safe, loving environment where both of you can thrive.

Your Are Their Teacher

When you live out these qualities, you're not only helping your marriage, you're also setting an example for your children.

They learn about love, respect, and partnership from watching you.

Your actions teach them how to be caring, considerate, and an amazing partner in their future relationships.

Avoid Autopilot

It's too easy to fall into autopilot and take your marriage for granted.

Keep your hands firmly on the wheel of your relationship.

Never stop dating your wife and lifting her up.

Be the man she fell in love with and the one she continues to choose every day.

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✏️ Your Greatest Tests

🌐 Smarter, Stronger & Wiser

Man Morning Reflection

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