The Greatest Bet A Man Will Ever Make

How to Maximize Your Odds of Success in the High-Stakes Game of Life

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♠️ The Greatest Bet You'll Ever Make

Imagine you’re walking down the Las Vegas strip.

To escape the bright lights, sights, and sounds, you head inside a massive casino.

You walk past the slot machines, blackjack, roulette, and poker tables to the Sportsbook section.

This is where people bet on sporting events.

A giant digital screen displays a long list of events you can bet on.

They include basketball, boxing, horse racing, soccer, cricket, and more.

Listed next to each event are the odds for the winners and potential payouts.

Then, something grabs your attention.

Your heart rate increases.

Your name is among the games and events.

People are betting on you.

Specifically on whether you'll achieve what you consider most important in life.

The idea makes you uncomfortable.

You can't help but wonder:

“Are the odds in my favor to ‘win’ at life, or are they against me?”

To determine your odds, all you have to do is look back over your last 30 days.

The last 30 days are a great indicator of where you are or are not headed in life.

In more ways than one, life is like a Las Vegas casino.

Every day, you're betting on yourself with the effort you do (or don't) give.

Instead of gambling with money, we routinely gamble with our lives based on the decisions we make.

And we're not the only ones betting on us.

Our parents, spouses, children, employers, financial institutions, and even friends are all betting on us “winning” in various ways.

So, would you bet on you?

Can others reliably bet on you?

When it comes to betting, here’s one thing to know:

If you don't bet on yourself, it's hard to get others to bet on you.

5 Ways To Start Betting On You

🚤 Things That Bring You Joy

"Many of us are exhausted not because we are doing too much, but because we’re doing too little of the things that bring us joy.”

Simon Alexander Ong

Recommend Reading: Energize

🕰️ The Time Billionaire

“Time is our most precious asset.

When you're young, you are literally a "time billionaire”—rich with time.

Too many people fail to realize the value of this asset until it is gone.

Treat time as your ultimate currency—it’s all you have and you can never get it back.”

🌐 Smarter, Stronger, Healthier, & Wiser

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