The Man’s Guide to Confidence

10 Ways Build Your Self-Confidence Both Personally and Professionally

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In This Issue.

• Wise Words
• What You Want
• Boost Your Confidence
• Get This
• Read. Listen. Watch.

Wise Words.

“The purpose of life is to be defeated by greater and greater things.”

Rainer Maria Rilke

What You Want.

In business and in life be clear. Crystal clear.

Boost Your Confidence.

The pressures of making money, kicking butt at work, and accomplishing your personal goals can chip away at your confidence.

And interestingly … these exact challenges hold the key to not just getting your mojo back, but amplifying it.

Here's how to boost your confidence:

1. Spend Time With Elevators

Surround yourself with men who lift you higher (elevators) —those who inspire, challenge, and hold you accountable.

The right crowd will push you forward in all the right directions and enhance your self-esteem.

2. Keep Promises to Yourself

Stay true to your word, especially to yourself.

Keeping the promises you make raises your self-respect and proves that you’re a man who does what he says he’s going to do.

3. Focus on What’s in Your Control

Good self-care isn’t optional. It’s mandatory.

Eat well, be conscious of what you read, watch, and listen to.

Your mind and body will thank you.

4. Physically Challenge Yourself

Feeling strong isn’t just physical. It’s a mental boost too.

Push your boundaries with your fitness, be an example to your family, and take pride in your appearance.

5. Finish Strong

Every project you complete, no matter the size, is a victory.

It’s evidence of your ability to follow through.

Get things done.

6. Regularly Test Yourself

See what you’re capable of.

Do this with your fitness, adventures, and with new challenges.

Choose for structure over randomness.

7. Define Your Purpose

What’s your North Star? Identify it.

A powerful why provides clarity and drives you.

It fuels your confidence with each step towards it.

8. Get A Coach

Top athletes and CEOs swear by it. So should you.

A coach can offer the insight, systems, questions, and accountability you need to thrive.

9. Serve Others

Finding fulfillment in helping others provides a huge intrinsic reward.

Participate in activities that allow you to add value to those around you.

10. Stand Your Ground

People-pleasing erases your power.

Stay true to your values and make decisions that connect with your core beliefs.

Regaining your confidence is an intentional process that involves making choices that align with your highest self.

It’s about constructing a life that reflects your values, harnesses your strengths, and acknowledges your worth.

Get This.

When it goes down will you be ready!? I own a couple of these and keep one in my main family vehicle at all times. Having an emergency kit allows you to prepare and protect you and your family during emergency situations.

Read. Listen. Watch.

A higher dose of this can change your life. He bet it all on mayonnaise. Give it a chance to be great. All you need to build muscle - 2 of these and 25 minutes. Aerospace engineer explains how planes fly. The trillion dollar Coach. How to boost your brain health (according to a neurology expert at Harvard Medical School).

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